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TempSure is membership club specifically designed to enable you to access a range of benefits designed to provide you with protection and peace of mind.

For the small charge of £2.50 per week you will receive free of charge:

  • Personal Accident Insurance Cover
  • Use of a dedicated legal helpline
  • Motor Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Motor insurance discounts
  • Home insurance discounts
  • Travel insurance discounts

For policy information regarding TempSure please download policy information here. A Tempsure leaflet is available from reception at Time Recruitment and we have translations in to Czech, Lithuanian, Russian, Hungarian and Polish languages if required. here

TempSure FAQ
What is the procedure in the event of death in service and how to whom the money would be paid?

The procedure would be to contact Groupama on 0870 850 0181 and quote policy number PAGP 0001986 or email The next of kin would be entitled the payment of £50,000. (ext of kin details will be with the Agency.

Do I still get statutory sick pay on top of my TempSure total disablement which is 75% of my weekly wage?

Yes you do and the 75% payment is none taxable as it is an insurance payout and not classed as wages.

Does TempSure cover sick pay?

No it does not. It will only cover you for any personal accident travelling to and from work and whilst at work

Will I get the first 4 weeks of disability back paid?

No, this time is used for administration/investigation procedure by Groupama. However, you should get your SSP.

What will happen if I don’t work every week?

The money will be deducted from your wages in arrears only if you work. If you do not work £2.50 will not be deducted.

What is the procedure in getting a quote with the discount on House, Travel and motor insurance?

You need to contact the broker on the free phone number 0800 1954909 and they will give you a quote. Three out of five times it will be cheaper when compared to other quotes on the comparison websites.

Is there a policy number I need to quote when I need to use the TempSure?

All you need to quote is policy number PAGP 0001986 when you call 0870 850 0181. Details are on the leaflet.

If I have an accident during the week I have not paid £2.50 but paid the week before, will I be covered?

No, you pay for your cover in arrears. Therefore, if you work but will not be paying the following week, you are not covered.

If I decide to join TempSure, start working for the agency on Monday and the membership becomes active, but I have an accident the next day (Tuesday), although I will not make my first payment until the second week, will I be covered?

Yes, although payment is in arrears. Cover starts the first day you start work for the agency who is deducting the £2.50 as there is no qualifying period.

If I am a member of TempSure but also have other policies, will I be able to claim on all of them?

As long as you continue to pay your premium on each policy, you are entitled to claim on each policy.

Do you provide the leaflet in other languages?

Yes we do, the translations we have are:-

  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Hungarian
  • Lithuanian
  • Czech

If you wish to have a copy we can print a copy for you to keep with the original leaflet.

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