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Gangmaster Licence has been approved


Time Recruitment are pleased to confirm that since 11th July 2006 we have held a Gangmaster Licence.

After an independent government audit of our recruitment procedures and practices, a clean bill of health has been declared and a licence that allows us to provide staff to the food and agriculture industry from 1st October 2006 has been issued.

From October 2006 it has been illegal for labour providers without a licence to supply labour to the food and agriculture industry, and from December 2006 it is illegal for labour users to engage staff from a labour provider that does not hold a licence.

Please click here to download a copy of the licence: Gangmaster Licence

This news can only add further reassurance to both our valued clients and workforce alike that we continue to act in their very best interests at all times and provide them with the best possible service.

For full and complete information please visit the Gangmaster Licencing Authority website at



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